Best strategy for Aviator game: tips, tricks, algorithm

The high winnings in the popular and exciting Aviator game from developer Spribe with its unique algorithm are maddening. How do you win? What strategies are there? Important tips for beginners and experienced players alike in India. You’ll read it all in our review.

How to Win a lot of money in Aviator

In order to win lots of money in the game Aviator you will need to play it. Everyone’s situation is different, some get lucky faster and some win and lose money at a slow pace.

What is the Best Aviator Strategy

With each round in the online game you will start to have your own strategy, which you will then use.

To begin with, the thrilling Aviator game, which is gaining popularity all over the world, is a game of chance. This means that you can’t always win money in this game and you certainly shouldn’t expect to make steady cash in the casino.

What is the Best Aviator Strategy?

The best strategy is the one that brings you the winning funds. Each player in the Aviator game has his own individual strategy. All players are different, and each person thinks differently and has reactions and desires accordingly individual. Because of this, it comes down to the fact that the most ideal strategy would be to work out your individual techniques.

However, it is always important to know the process and the specifics of the game thoroughly, and to manage your bankroll wisely. For example, you can bet everything and lose it all in the blink of an eye. That’s not right either, so it’s important to take your money into account when gambling.

Minimum risk tactics for playing Aviator

These low-risk tactics are suitable for novice players who want to try their hand at gambling for real money. This style appeals to people who are low-key, cautious or have a small budget for gambling.

Users place their small bets on each round and gradually begin to see the gameplay, have time to click the cash-out button and increase their game balance.

When flirting with this strategy, the coefficient at which the bet is displayed is in the range of x1.2 – x1.5.

Moderate risk strategy

Moderate risk includes several styles of play that you can try:

  • The first style of play suggests using a bet with any desired budget. However, it is worth bearing in mind a few nuances in order to come out on top. The first, important component of the game that you should have in place is the playing budget. Things can go wrong at any time. Before starting this style of play, you will need to study the multiplier statistics and bet only when you are 100% convinced that the plane will not fly away to the x2 passing point. Such an option can bring you a profit of 100% at a relative risk.
  • The second style of play involves desperate, high-risk betting. You should remember that there is a x100 multiplier just about every hour and a half. You can wait for it to come out and analyse the approximate time of the next time that multiplier will come out. It is very difficult, you should have nerves of iron, and losing should not upset you. Besides, there is always a chance of winning 100 times the amount of the initial bet.

Risky tactics when playing for money in Aviator

Playing the Aviator game and using the riskiest betting tactics is for those with an impressive game balance. If you are a beginner, skip this risky technique, as you can quickly drain all your money.

For an experienced player, it’s not a guarantee of instant winnings either, but you can bet a decent amount and only have time to hit ‘cash out’ before the plane leaves.

You can also alternate between minimum and maximum bets, expecting a x100 multiplier to roll in an hour, but you have to be patient and have a good reserve on your game balance.

Strategy for playing two bets at the same time

This strategy involves you placing two bets in one round. Many people bet a large amount and hit cash out when the multiplier is small. Players bet the remaining insignificant amount, hoping to cash out in time to hit a good weighted multiplier. This is not a bad strategy. Naturally, you have to have patience and reaction to increase even the minimum bet with a good multiplier.

Stats-Based Aviator Betting Strategy

This Aviator strategy applies to the more professional players as they are getting to the point where they are tracking their stats and developing their own strategy based on their personal individual rounds in the game of Aviator. It’s hard to say how profitable it is, as each user has an individual story, but at the very least it’s interesting and there’s always an opportunity to win.

Tips in Aviator Game

Tips in Aviator Game

  • Learn the ins and outs of the game initially. You can start by playing in demo mode to get a feel for the specifics of the Aviator game algorithm developer Spribe. Once you are familiar with the game in detail, you can move on to playing with real money.
  • Learn how to handle the game balance. The game is a gambling game and you must understand and be able to handle your bank properly. If you don’t know how, you will need to develop it if you want to not only enjoy the game, but win as well.
  • Try different strategies and keep track of the results. You will still have individual results, as you have a certain amount of reaction and patience. These two qualities also affect the initial result.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to bet all your money on one bet. Try to take your time to bet small amounts and play around. This approach can help you win more.
  • There is a good feature in the strategy aviator game called Automatic Withdrawal. If you enable this feature in the game, once the multiplier reaches the number you specify, the game system withdraws funds to your balance. This is handy and is a setting that experienced players use.

Observe Live Bets and Live Statistics

Each player in the Aviator game can watch the winnings and actions of other players.

There is a section in the game called Statistics. There you can see «Time of last game», «Player name», «Player bet amount», «Multiplier». By referring to these results you will at least keep your spirits up and you can win money too. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to take off immediately with the maximum amount. Playing small stakes gradually and carefully will increase your game balance.

Keep volatility low

From the live stats you can see that the plane often takes off when it reaches a multiplier between 1.10 and 1.40.

In order for you to keep the volatility low, you should use the automatic withdrawal in the game. To do this, there is a special feature called «Automatic Withdrawal». This feature will instantly withdraw your winnings before the plane takes off with your bet.

Test Aviator games in demo

Try out the Aviator demo version before playing for real money. You can familiarise yourself with the game mechanics, see how the gameplay works, understand the specifics of the round and keep track of how the multiplier changes. This is important, and the Aviator demo game is recommended to be played not only by beginners, but in general by all players who are running the game for the first time. No matter how much experience you have at the casino, the Aviator game is exciting and you should play the demo version first. Only after that it is recommended to move on to playing with real money and create your own winning aviator algorithm.


The game is exciting and requires your attention and patience to win.

It’s a game of chance and there are no magic buttons to instantly break the big bucks. However, there are good strategies and guidelines that you can follow to increase your game balance.

You can see «Live Stats» in the game panel. It displays the winnings of other players. You can use this data to develop your strategy. Regardless of strategy, everyone has an individual playing style, and naturally a different playing path. Some people win a lot of money at once, while others lose a lot of money. Also, once again, note that you need to know how to use your game balance and your gambling desire. It is not advisable to bet all your money on one bet. It is advisable to play for small amounts and analyse your wins and losses.

It is useful to use convenient gambling features, such as «Automatic Withdrawal». As soon as the multiplier reaches the specified amount in the function, the system withdraws your winnings instantly.

There are many winning strategies in Aviator, but they are all individual. For those who have never played the game, you should start with the Aviator demo mode. You will be able to understand the essence of the game itself, the specifics of your actions and the mechanics. Only after that is it recommended to start playing for real money.


❓ What is the maximum win in the Aviator Game?

✅ You can win a maximum of 10 000 USD or equivalent in rupees in a single round.

❓ What is the best betting system for Aviator?

✅ Each user has an individual style of play that leads to winnings. It is therefore impossible to pick out the best betting system.

❓ How to increase the chances of winning in the Aviator online casino game?

✅ To increase your chances of winning at Aviator, you need to learn how to use your gambling budget, try out different strategies and develop your own individual style of play.

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